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 14.03.2020 Easyjet

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14.03.2020 Easyjet Empty
PostSubject: 14.03.2020 Easyjet   14.03.2020 Easyjet EmptyWed Mar 18, 2020 11:00 pm

Hi guys,

In times of the complete collapse of aviation in Europe and partly also worldwide, I would like to show a picture from

last Saturday. Although many flights were already cancelled but this Easyjet flight was carried out and to my

astonishment a 'white' Easyjet flew this flight to London.

Ciao and stay healthy.


PS: A big THANK YOU to Luxairport. After a long conversation with the responsible persons the hedges at this place have been cut recently and photos from here are possible again.

14.03.2020 Easyjet Img_2012
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14.03.2020 Easyjet
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